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What MB drivers really think of BMW...

Have always found BMWs (incl Ms) lacking in steering precision; brake pedal feel/fade resist; tq/shiftspeed delivery; and chassis stability/damping vs high-speed fwys, esp vs bumpy stretches....

Also have never been impressed w/BMW safety engineering/innovation (both active and passive), at least per my common-sense eval....

And running joke among colleagues (back when some junior, non-car-oriented guys would get some Bimmer...the default car for car-clueless, aspirational guys in the finance/tech industries) was that new BMW's struggle w/such basics as competent air cond, e.g., when parked outside a SilicVy off bldg, even for a brief mtg on a 90F day deep in Valley....and basic fuel tank capacity is lacking for commuting in regions like NYC/LA/SF/Chic, where 80+mi round-trip commutes aren't uncommon btwn resid and various office corridors....

Would argue the laughable car (from an engineering/aesthetics standpoint) that has demolished MB from a marketing standpoint is VW-Bent....Bent is globally selling some ?10K/yr $200K commuter cars.....doubt MB is able to sell more than 3K/yr 65s globally....and BMW (like Audi/Lex) struggles to sell any >$100K cars, let alone $150K+ cars......

The first part made me laugh.
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You sound like my buddies who have AMG's - Slam the gas, slam the brakes...