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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Check out Sonax products. Not everything Sonax is top notch, but overall their products are very good.

I like:
Sonax car wash
Sonax full effect wheel cleaner (and the new stronger version, if needed)
Sonax iron remover (instead of clay bar)
Sonax polymer netshield sealant
Sonax spray and seal to keep car looking good between polymer netshield applications

Follow the above and you won't need to do 4 hour wax jobs (with your collinites) more than once every 18 months, if not longer. Sonax also has great manual polish/waxes, but I rarely bother. I'm too old for this work with little long term results! Lol

Foam applicators work well
For washing - Rag Company cyclone microfiber mitts are awesome (Amazon)
I use a Mothers wheel brush and the BMW oem wheel brushes to get into the grooves. has good stuff too.

Enjoy your new car.
Thank you! These are very helpful suggestions--I do like the idea of saving time. Will check out detailersdomain as well.

Originally Posted by saporitj View Post
So I tried the Sonax quick detailer and didn't like it at all but I then used the WolfGang quick detailer and loved it. It leaves the surface almost slippery and that's with just the dealers prep.
I've tried the Sonax wheel cleaner (stronger version) and love it so you have to pick & chose.
I purchased a bunch of different WolfGang products but haven't tried them yet except the rinse less wash which is very nice especially in the winter. You can clean car in garage without house. I use the Costco microfiber towels. You can buy a bundle for around $17 so you can use and toss if you want at that price. We wash them with chemical guys detergent so we can get 2-3 uses before we toss.
I have a hole thread on leather cleaners I'll post here.
BMW Leather Maintenance
Thanks! Will try the wolfgang quick detail. The leather thread is very helpful--looks like you had good results with the BMW leather care products.