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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
There is permanent facilities in main grandstand, turn 1 and turn 15 complex. Everywhere else is temp facilities.
Yep, the main grandstand was totally overwhelmed, though, and that was on Saturday for qualifying. The food and drink lines, and bathrooms took FOREVER. I just can't figure out how/why they designed the place so poorly.

I got a survey today about my experience at the track, and the results were not good for them. It seems like the survey came from F1, not COTA, but it wasn't totally clear.

I ran into so many staff who were just totally confused and embarrassed by what was going on.

I remember standing in a "shuttle" line with 50 other people and the old lady working just kept telling us "be patient, it's coming." After 15 minutes, another COTA worker came over and scolded us (the patrons) about how there is no shuttle and we needed to start walking. That didn't turn out well for him. Several people got unruly real fast!