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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
I agree that the AF is pitiful on the 5DII, however, it works, I've never had a problem with it on mine. That being said, I mainly have it on center focus only, which is the strongest of the focus points, so maybe that's why i'm not complaining.

It doesn't come close to what the 7D and 1D series are capable of, but it's not like it doesn't work at all.

I'm quite content with the performance, I would just love to see at least the sharpness of the 7D on the next model along with its increase in pixels.

I do hope that the AF is 100% better, but i don't think that will make or break the sales of that camera, it's not really a sports type of shooter.
i'd just like to see more points, really. and more high-sensitivity points (like the 7D). not really interested in tracking or zone AF, i just want higher accuracy and more points.