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Exclamation Vignettes...

Vignette & Tolls

We sell the Vignette...
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Lets talk about Vignettes or as some Germans say die Pickerl! (Austrian slang for the Vignette, but everyone just says Vignette)

When you travel into Austria or Switzerland you MUST have a vignette(or toll sticker so you have paid your fair share of the road tax). In Austria... you can buy a ten day, thirty day and one year. A ten day vignette costs about eight euros. Also new this year(starting that last January) is you MUST have one on your windshield BEFORE you enter Austria!!! This is new! You can buy a vignette at ANY gas station in German as you near the border. Normally any of the gas stations on the A9 or A8 or A93 will sell them.

You can also buy the Vignettes in Germany at any ADAC center. In most large cities there will be a few ADAC locations.

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Also be aware... that you MUST apply the full sticker/decal/Vignette to your windshield! IF you put it half way on(say to remove it easier later on...) and the Austrian Polizei see/find this... you will have to pay a 500 euro fine!! Not having the 8 euro vignette is a 120 euro fine. Cash, on the spot! Place the vignette sticker onto the inside of your windshield fully. The sticker can be anywhere out of the direct drivers line of sight. Most people put it at the top or bottom of the windshield.

The Austria's have cameras behind the Autobahn signs and above the highway... they can tell IF you do not have a Vignette. Or if yours has expired. You will get Blitz'd(a picture taken) normally you do not see the flash. Just the "bill" in the mail a few weeks later.

In Switzerland its the same... except their vignette is only sold in the ONE YEAR size... so you will have to pay 40 euros to drive thru Switzerland.

Now a days, some of the speed or vignette cameras that do not flash(!)... but will record your plate and send you a big fine IF your decal/sticker/vignette is not on the front windshield. So put it on! It can be anywhere... but I always place it at the top of the windshield so its out of my main driving sight.

Also... everyone NEEDS a warning vest for EACH person inside your car. AND this warning vest has to be stored INSIDE the driver's reach. Because they want you to put on the vest BEFORE exiting your car.

IF you do break down on the Autobahn or Bundesstrasse... you FIRST put on your vest... then place your warning triangle at least 100 meters behind your car... then open our engine hood and stay outside of the car AND behind the guard rail and wait for help.

On those white sticks that mark every few meters... there will be an arrow... pointing to the nearest emergency phone on the Autobahn. But now a days everyone has a cell/handy/mobile.
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one of the many signs telling foreign drivers they need a Vignette!
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Maut = Toll Road. be ready to pay up!
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SOS emergency/breakdown phone...
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In Italy they do it differently... its just like the NJ Turnpike... you get a ticket when you enter the Autostrada... and then when you exit... you put your ticket in and pay. It can be quite pricey. Like to drive from Munich to Venice and back you will pay around ~60 euros in tolls.
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