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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I agree with Dackel here. I've only done ED twice, but southern Germany/Austria were my absolute favorite places. Gorgeous mountains, trees and roads. Not too far away from metropolitan areas, but far enough out to really experience the beauty of the Alpine foothills and fresh air.

This might sound silly, but go ahead and watch The Sound of Music. If you like the countryside depicted there, then definitely spend some time in the very southern part of Germany and Austria (I prefer south of Salzburg, myself).
Yep! There are also companies that do tours of places the film was filmed at - in and around Salzburg.

Another idea is do one of the Saltmine tours(Salzburgwerk) tours... they make you put on silly overalls and you ride a small 1/3 scale train deep into the saltmines... then you slide down these wooden ramps/slides miles under the salt. You will waste half a day - but its so much fun! They even take your picture as you go straight down those wooden slides.

another thing to see near Salzburg is the: Ítzi Mann – the Iceman

I also went to Lake Como, and it was beautiful. But Italy is a bit rougher around the edges that Germany/Austria.
Yep. When I drive in Italy... its like driving in New Jersey... rough roads and rough around the edges. But I love driving in Italy. Well... the Northern parts. But the roads are really Perfect in Germany and Austria.