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Originally Posted by csu87 View Post
After a couple weeks of pain, and a week or so of skin numbness and weakness in the legs, I went in to the DR to find out i have a herniated disc that is pressing up against the nerves in my back.

Ive got exercises and stretches that are supposed to help out, but wanted to see if anyone has dealt with this before and has any suggestions.
I have dealt with herniated disc and have treated many patients with the same. First thing is stop all offending activities. Let your body guide you in this. This does not mean lay in bed for the next week...... That's the last thing you want to do. I recommend that you follow along with your doc's regiment of exercises and stretching. Some NSAIDs (Motrin, naproxen) could help. These conservative treatments are not over night fixes. May take 4-8 weeks dependent on severity and if your following the regiment properly. Even then you may not respond to these treatments. Severe herniations may require surgical interventions. I would look at this as last option. If you are lucky and get relief with the conservative treatment then continue and add strengthening exercises to the regiment. Increase weight/resistance as you get back to your normal self as pain permits. I have found with many of my patients that they re-injur themselves because they can't wait or won't wait for their body to heal. Also consider what I call lifestyle changes. Take a look at your posture. How you stand. How you sit. Does your mattress provide adequate support, do you use proper body mechanics when at work/play. Get rid of the gut......if you have one. Strengthen your core.