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I've had 2 ruptured discs and 2 surgerys. 1st was @25 and I left hospital same day and was recovered within 2 weeks. 2nd I was 35 and doc nicked my spinal sheath. Spent 4 days on morphine pump and 30 days no walking/sitting/standing. Took 6 months to regain physical conditioning and had pain and numbness in my leg for about 3 years. Looking back I would have tried physical therapy before 2nd. 1st was surgery no questions. I was told before 1st that I would have another operation within 10years. Was 9years 3 months. My main recommendation is find a world class doc for operation. Someone who deals with pro athletes routinely. My 1st doc was that and 2nd doc was a small town guy. 2 totally different results. My other caution is use ibuprofen on full stomach and never exceed max daily use of Tylenol(permanent liver damage). Good luck on this long journey and strengthen that core.