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Originally Posted by FlaPatsFan View Post
And are one of many haters, just the most recent. I donít get mad but if I had a dollar for every YAHOO like yourself Iíd be very rich.

This convo is ground hogs day for us Pats Fans.

The difference is IGGLES fans donít even know how to win gracefully. Have a little class. But I know that is asking a lot from Philly.

Oh and that Bennett pic.....ummmm pretty sure that was another SB win for Pats...yup it was.
Yeah... the one where the Seahawks... threw a pass on the one yard line. the whole world knows the Seahawks should have won that game.

if your not angry than your certainly scared... Brady will break down soon and Belicheat won't be coaching much longer.

How did your Pats do in this years SB?... Did they win????? I can tell your still upset over that defeat. The way Pederson out coached Belicheat.

I love this.. keep the posts coming.. I like getting replies from a SB loser.