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Originally Posted by wtruchano View Post
I am going to buy g30 but unfortunately it is equipped with business Navi. Is it true that apple car will be working? In my country “Poland” connected drive shop shows no compatibility. Any other codings like jeno007 used?. Also remote function is unavailable (would be great if working) because car has stationary heating

Thanks in advance.
Greetings from Poland.
1-do you have an account (at BMW portal for connecteddrive)? - and you see that carplay is not offered to this particular vehicle?
(I can see such an offer for upgrade for my car - although I have a ProffNavi)

2-I can Start stationery heating using any of these media: PC, phone (BMW app on Android phone) and/or LCD key (but remote functions must be available - is it possible to add them to this vehicle? stationery heating seems to be not very useful when cannot be started remotely )

Send your 7-digits VIN code to guys from eBay offering upgrades by USB and ask them to check what they say about your car and possible options.

Cheers from 3city