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Originally Posted by jeno007 View Post
I have a deep technical question.
I have a new G30 BMW 530e bought in a NOT connected drive country.
6AK was included in the config as mandatory. I bought it with Business Navigation (606). (As I was in a not ConnectedDrive country, 6CP was not even possible.)

I spent some time in Germany, and I registered my car with the German connected drive service, and many things started working in the connected drive section. Also remote is working.
However, Apple CarPlay Preparation is marked as non compatible with my car, and I cannot buy it from the ConnectedDrive Store.

I spent a lot of time talking with the German ConnectedDrive customer service technition, and he told me, that a wifi antenne is missing from my car. He also told me that it's not the Wifi HotSpot what I miss. He suggested that I should ask for an official 6CP retrofit in a repair center, where they can check if the antenne would fit and do the retrofit.

Just for curiosity I configured a car on the German BMW configuration page with the same options as mines', and 6CP (CarPlay preparation) was selectable, but together with it it automaticaly included 6WD (Wifi HotSpot). Other difference was that it included 6AU (Connected E Drive services), instead of 6AG (E Drive services).

I also checked my car's headunit (HU_ENTRYNAV2) phisycally, and in the back of the HU, the wifi antenne IS connected, and the other end of the antenne IS in the wiring on the left side of the driving seat under the carpet. So I assume there is nothing phisycally missing from the car, only some official coding is needed.

And now my question, in case I order this retrofit from an official repair partner, could an official dealer or service partner register this replacement back to BMW? I assume this is needed to make me allowed to purchase the CarPlay service by the ConnectedStore.
Has anybody done something similar before?

Thank you in advance for your toughts.
I have BMW G11 with ID6 bought from dealer in a non-connecteddrive country (Lithuania), but neither BMW dealer in Lithuania nor BMW dealers in Germany could help me to enable connected drive. Which dealer in Germany did you use to make your car have connecteddrive and what was the procedure?