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So recently here in Toronto a video surfaced of Transit enforcement officers arresting a young man, the video of course went viral as the client was a young black man.

The transit officers, were checking for proof of payment and the young man refused to provide proof, and lead off with racism claims and abusive language. He then stepped in close to the officer who pushed him back at which point the young man took a swing at the officer and then was taken to the ground and arrested.

So I have no problem with what the officers did as it would fall within the training. But the outrage was off the charts. And here's the rub, the outrage was mostly based on the fact that the only offence the young man had committed was fare evasion, the fact that he's assaulted the transit officer doesn't seem to matter to people. So the fact that this guy is hurling abuse at the cops will only empower the anti-authority types that any arrest isn't warranted.

They have just announced on the news that the city is thinking of eliminating fare inspectors because of this video in part.....the Toronto Transit Commission currently loses up to $100 million a year in fare evasion.

What a great time we live in...

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