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And this from NPR, a distinctly left-leaning news organization:
"A hot, newly released document offers a sliver of new understanding to the Russia imbroglio — but has not dislodged warring partisans from their long-term deadlock about evidence and surveillance in the case.

What is it?
The FBI has released an application to conduct surveillance of an American under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It's heavily redacted but still significant — these are some of the most secret papers in official Washington and are very seldom ever seen by people without specialized security clearances.

The dispute over the document boils down to this: Did the Justice Department and the FBI violate the rights of a onetime junior foreign policy aide to the Donald Trump campaign, Carter Page?

* * *

This is where Trump's supporters blow the whistle. Many Republicans argue the DOJ and FBI officials appear to have deliberately concealed from the FISA judge that "Source 1" wasn't just someone with an ax to grind — he was being paid by one of the two major-party campaigns in the United States.

And more basically, some critics also argue, the allegations in the dossier were not solid enough to merit being included in this request for surveillance. The FBI has substantiated some of them, but the details remain classified as to what it has verified and what it has debunked.

* * *

Now that portions are public, it is clear that the FISA application does not name Trump or Clinton or Fusion GPS or Simpson or Steele nor detail the political background."

Okay, I'm done. I don't normally engage on this level but you're full of it.
"God bless our troops...Especially our snipers.

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