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Originally Posted by SumBMWGuy View Post
The rumor of her marrying her brother has no basis in fact. And what specific fraud can you point towards?

Be careful, your xenophobia is showing.
So she lived with a man for two years and filed tax returns as though they were married and they were not, that sounds like tax fraud. She married her brother to get him into the US, that sounds like she defrauded the US immigration system, there are numerous reports of campaign funds that have had to be repaid/returned and penalties for campaign irregularities. Any of that would be called Treason if it was Trump but i'll go with fraud.

Xenophobia, again the left resorts to name calling as the first line of defence. Why not call me racist while you're at it. As I said earlier in the thread, the OP and this story has nothing to do with her being a muslim, a woman or a democrat and I'll go farther and say it has nothing to do with her being Somalian. It's about her lack of character, criminality and anti American and anti Israelly views.
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