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Originally Posted by Wolf 335 View Post
This has been the rule for a while. Dentists or Dental Hygienists are not to provide any service to anyone that they had relations with.

My gf is a hygienist and she made it very clear to me that she will not be cleaning my teeth. They made them sign all kinds of documents regarding this while she was getting registered.
Irrespective of whether it is the law (there is no dispute of that), it is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who can't see that this is a perfect example of 'government overreach' can't see the forest for the trees. How is it every okay to be forced to register as a sex offender for cleaning your wife's teeth?????

Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
The duration of a ridiculous law on the books doesn't make is better. Ridiculous is ridiculous.
^This. Jim Crow laws in the southeastern USA were legal for many years - that hardly makes them right. They were total shit. Same as this baloney.
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