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I'm I'm understanding how this discussion (GDPR and apps like google and facebook collecting data without us knowing) relates to the topic at hand (insurance wanting to know our driving habits)...
Is it the point that, since those apps are already collecting data and they will sell to insurance, with of without our permission, that we should open wide and enjoy the rape and maybe we get thrown a bone at the end, however small of a bone that may be?
Yes. I haven't looked at the terms you have to agree to when you sign on to having your insurance company monitor your driving habits as I will never do so. But I wouldn't be surprised there is a clause that all captured data becomes the property of the insurance company.

GDPR puts in gates which makes the entity collecting your data to provide clear guidance as to what is being collected and how it's going to be used. Anything outside of that requires your expressed permission. You control how your data is being collected and used. Look at Facebook. Many people are not aware that anything you load up into Facebook is their property now for them to do as they wish. People thinking Facebook is generous in providing the services they do to for free is naive. They're doing it so they can collect data on you and sell it of to do other types of modeling to use for other sales opportunities. And to close the off topic slant of this, I wonder how many people complaining about the insurance companies using these monitoring tools for rate discounts have other spying devices in their homes such as any Nest, Alexa, Siri, etc product.
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