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Originally Posted by _Mbition View Post
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The gutter. BMW can't build a durable V8 to save its life.
They did build really bulletproof V8's till about 2003.
M62TU's and S62's were the best/strongest of them all.
Then it went downhill.
My 02 540i had 206k right before i sold it last year.
Other than oil leaks due to bad gaskets everywhere that werent changed over the years... I did the valley pan, the chain guides, and vanos... and it drove like a dream. I want it back actually.
Weren't the E39 and E38 V8's (I believe the M62) in the 40i notorious for Vanos rebuilds/issues which were incredibly expensive? My dad had a 99 540 6MT and loved it, but it was very problematic (although not all of it was the motor).

Personally, like others have said, BMW just builds their inline 6's much better than their V8's, they seem to be more durable.
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