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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
Northeast TN, where I live, is fantastic if you don't mind a smaller town vibe. My metro area is about 300,000. The great thing, though, is that I can get to major metro areas in a few hours, so it's there if I want it.

No state income tax, insanely low property taxes, little to no government interference in the economy or general public at large. Growth is amazing here as well. FWIW, I just helped hire a new VP of sales at my company and he is making more here than he was in ATL.

I love Asheville - I live less than an hour away. Fantastic place, but extremely hard to find meaningful employment there. It's like Hawaii - everyone wants to live there, so COL is high, but wages are low and most employment offers are taken within minutes.

That place really should be a model politically for the rest of the country. It's probably about 2/3 extremely far left (think as left or more so than San Francisco). The remaining 1/3 is extremely right wing. They all get along and everyone seems so at ease and welcoming to discuss anything with. They understand that it's just politics and that it doesn't mean you should hate anyone. I am amazed every time I visit there (several times a month) at how friendly and welcoming everyone is of each others differences.
Specific cities to recommend?