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Originally Posted by Salty Dog View Post
So, have you read the reports on court testimony? It's ok, lets us OJ as a comparison.....had his day in court....Not Guilty. Innocent? You tell me.

So if someone accused you of chocking them, forcing them to perform oral sex on you and then holding them bent over a chair while you forcibly raped them would you pay them to go away, or would you use your extreme wealth to defend yourself, your reputation and your multimillion dollar career and endorsements?

My point is simple....the list of deeply flawed rich famous people is very long, lets not make them out to be something they are not because they were rich and famous, were great musicians, actors, athletes or politician.....
Anyone can make an accusation, especially when thereís no other witnesses. Like you, I worked with sexual assault/Title IX cases (U.S. law). Iíve seen numerous allegations where people lied, had a distorted recollection of the truth (usually alcohol induced) or misinterpreted the situation. There were also numerous cases where an assault occurred where the evidence was irrefutable. That wasnít the case in terms of Kobe.

As far as OJ is concerned, he wasnít proven guilty but that doesnít mean heís innocent. Whether I or you believe OJ guilty is irrelevant. OJ and the prosecutor had an opportunity to present facts and be judged by his peers. However, bringing up OJ in relation to Kobe is an apples to Canadian bacon comparison...not even remotely related other than being athletes, financially stable and black.

Thereís more deeply flawed people who are not rich or famous...some of which want to be rich and famous and b/c of that desire, they become even more flawed people and will do (and say) all sorts of things in the process.