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Originally Posted by Anthony1s View Post
The thing is though that you guys haven't done anything against my point other than deflect.

I stated it saddened me that society is mourning the loss of someone simply for being good at basketball and not for being a good human being. Not one of you guys have come back with a single thing showing he was a good human being. Instead you argued that he didn't rape the girl and took the woman as mentally unstable, so therefore (for some strange reason) that doesn't count as rape. Which I get that you'll want to protect your idol, but it doesn't change things. Because, whatever way you'll want to twist around his rape case, he still cheated on his wife and family and done various other things that good human beings don't do. All with never apologizing for...
You read his statement.
He wasn't charged with rape.
You have this weird perceived idea that the two parties involved, who agreed to resolution, doesn’t meet your standard? Who are you to cast this judgment?
You act like he hasn’t done anything “good”, and you get to dismiss his existence as being fouled because he was “unfaithful” to his vows?

You’re arrogance astounds me with the idea that we’re supposed to prove to YOU that he wasn’t a “good” and not deserving of mourning as he died horrifically with his daughter, daughters friends and his close friends.

Over the last 20 years, Kobe Bryant has granted more than 250 wishes of children battling life-threatening illnesses through the Make A Wish Foundation, how many did you grant? How much mind or time did you put into charity? Ever stir a pot at a food kitchen?

I get that your angry towards his, what you would consider, undeserving success, and undeserving mourning, but your callousness at the time his family is completely shattered is astounding. You talk about morality and goodness, while you shit over the family that loved him with hours of his demise....there hasn’t even been a funeral yet.

Kobe Bryant has supported the following charities:

After-School All-Stars
Aid Still Required
Cathy's Kids Foundation
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation

Could you please list all the “good” things you do, so we can shit all over that?