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Originally Posted by Wheelwright View Post
Also, I am getting motion sickness when flying in IL2 VR, especially in late-war ultra fast and maneuverable fighters like Tempest and FW190A-8. I hope I can eventually overcome this, as it is slightly better after a few days. It may be a personal thing because I am generally sensitive to sensation of flight, which gets not only recreated by amplified in VR so convincingly.
Sitting down helps a lot with motion sickness, but VR flight games are particularly bad. Best thing for me was a fan, just leave it pointed at me and on a medium setting. I guess it gives the brain a singular point of reference for the body, which helps alleviate the confusion between what your body is doing vs what the eyes are seeing. I still can't play for hours on end, but I usually don't start feeling the effects of VR until 2.5+ hours (which I rarely get to do anyways).