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I'm still holding out that MySpace will make a comeback!

Seriously though, I have never had a MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Farcebook account. More importantly from a legal perspective working in the IT security field, I have never sold my soul to them by subjecting myself to their shrink-wrap license agreements to authorize them stalking my every move around the web.

Funny Farcebook story. Everyone in my blood family uses Farcebook regularly. Whenever I see them at a family gathering, they ask why I don't respond to the FB messages/posts that they send me. Apparently, they are all friends with some stranger on FB who has my name. I told them that they should invite Farcebook "me" to the family Christmas gathering last December because I was unable to attend...and hope that he/she wasn't an axe murderer because that person knew everything about the entire family through their over-sharing stupidity.

Sadly, I can never change jobs again in my life, since social media accounts are part of pre-employment background checks. Apparently, *not* being a FB slacker security threat who over-shares information is a hiring red flag these days.....
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