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Originally Posted by Schwarzschild Radius View Post
None of those organizations have reported that the FBI was "weaponized" against trump, other than a few editorial pieces. Quite the opposite, from what's been described in the Mueller report and those news organizations correlates the fact Trump wants to "weaponize" said FBI against political opponents. How many time did he tweet things about Sessions? Mueller? Do you still believe in "lock her up"?

And you understand the "Steele dossier" was started by Republicans?

*The original opo-research was funded by people from The Washington Free Beacon.
*When it was clear Trump was going to be the nominee, and not Bush, they handed the little they had accumulated to the dnc. Some say sold it to them, but whatever.
*The dnc then hired Fusion GPS.
*Fusion GPS later went on to hire Christopher Steele.
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