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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
The immediate reaction with personal attacks pretty much says it all doesn't it 😀

So you try to make a thread trying to attack someone's character and when it gets thrown back at you your reaction is an attack.

So you have no actual moral standards. You made this thread as a very plain and simple political hit job because either she's a democrat or she's a Muslim.

If you had any kind of moral standards you would have already made threads about trump and the thousands of other shady Congress ppl on all sides but you didn't.

And let's be clear you made this thread about a very simple divorce. There are some ppl in govt that have done some truly nasty things but I don't see any threads from you about it.

This thread actually says a lot more about your own character then it does about omer
So had he created a thread stating what a bad person Trump is for his multiple divorces and other escapades you wouldn't be applauding it, but instead pointing out there are many other "shady politicians," RIGHT?

This isn't just about "a simple divorce." She married her brother to skirt immigration laws.

She isn't disliked because she is a woman or Muslim or even because she is a liberal. She's disliked because, as the OP indicated, she's a pretty terrible person... and from what I've seen she's un-American on top of that.