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Originally Posted by aerof16 View Post
So I am taking the car in to get Xpel (clear bra) on the front and ceramic coating the paint/wheels/glass/other exterior bits to a nice shop here in Phoenix.

I asked them about wrapping the chrome bits on the exterior and they quoted me $750. This shop isn't cheap and works on some high end cars but they are also not the most expensive joint in town. That quote included the front grill (he initially though he couldn't wrap it but changed his mind after seeing it), the brake duct trim on the front bumper above the fog lights, the brake duct trim on the fenders, all around the windows, and this odd piece on the lower portion of the rear bumper.

Considerably cheaper than OEM replacement parts but I just don't know how it will hold up and how long it will look good for. Does it scratch and swirl easy? Will it fade in the sun? I know they wrap cars all the time, I just don't know anything about it. I may actually just attempt to do this myself, it doesn't look like rocket science and, as with anything, it appears that the prep is the key (as well as probably purchasing a good product).
I know USA has much higher prices in regards to services but in EU you get the whole car wrapped for about 1500$ so I find it expensive anyway.

There are some youtube videos with how to wrap chrome parts, it does not hard if you have some tools but theory and practice are different.

The hardest part IMO is to avoid scratching the paint when you cut the vinyl.

I would try to do this in the summer but maybe there are people who done it and can tell us how long will the vinyl hold in time.
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