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Originally Posted by GFK007 View Post

Wanted to poll the audience. What are people's thoughts on black kidney's on a carbon black car when the other trim pieces are still cerium?

Does it look odd and out of place? Has anyone here done it?

Also, how do people feel about the addition of M badges on the fenders in cerium grey, as comes standard on the EU and Canadian cars?

I tend to think it's a nice touch.

Finally - what kind of license plate frames are people using? An "M," plate might be a bit much, though appreciate it's obviously not the sacrilege as putting a full blown "M5," plate frame on.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Personally I don't like a black grill on a black car because you don't see the shape of the grill. I have black sapphire and didn't like the black grill look. Better with other paint colors to show contrast. Just my opinion.