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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
most of those giant student loan balances are the result of shitty financial responsibility and not because of anything else. I graduated with 0 debt and multiple grad degrees, but I know it was hard and not everyone could have done it. But graduating with any more than $30k - $60k of student loan debt unless you are a physician is just asinine and a whole other problem that doesn't relate to this thread.
For the record, this is one thing I I don't disagree on

Also getting back on track to this thread, in general I agree that people (overall) make terrible financial decisions. The average car loan length of 69 months is telling of that. And when those same people complain about lack of home affordability etc. I don't feel any pity.

But there is also a subset of the population that is simply priced out, drowning in student loans, and living in areas of the country where they could save every penny and still be out-of-luck until they consider moving elsewhere.
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