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I wrote: That's the thing, it's not correct. Go tell that to every car magazine out there and watch them laugh at you.


Well we should all be laughing back at car magazines... thats the very last place to go for an objective overview of any BMW - so in the tank are most journalists to BMW's marketing machine and that subset of a cars functional qualities that are deemed to make the car a "drivers machine" to the exclusion of other qualities that might actually be more important in real world conditions.

I really have to credit BMW with an extraordinary power to turn the average auto-journalists brain into hero worshiping mush... They have trained them well... No other marque gets such a pass... The most egregious recent example being the mountains of star struck fluff written about the E60 M5 despite its woeful (sub 200 mile) range, thirst, miserable torque, awkward SMG, wildly over complex controls, cheap plastic interior... Oh yes its great on the track and the "twisties".. which is hardly where 99% of us spend most of our time behind the wheel...

(I do like BMW's BTW!)

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You sound like my buddies who have AMG's - Slam the gas, slam the brakes...