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Originally Posted by holson View Post
I had an '01 CLK55 before the 335i cp and the new CL-Coupe is up there on my list of dream cars. I like the higher end Benzes more than BMWs.

Two things I miss the most from the CLK55:

Passenger seat / ride as a passenger - it is THAT MUCH more comfortable to be driven around in the CLK55 than it is in the 335i Cp. The seats are more substantial, the leather was nicer, the ride is nicer - the Benz is really more of a comfy luxury car

That being said - overall I enjoy the 335i more than the CLK55.
Agree with your points, but shouldn't you be comparing the CLK55 to the M3 Coupe and not to the 335! That's kind of apples to oranges.