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Originally Posted by yco View Post
there is/was a talk on grapefruit smell or strawberry smell topic is on going in the pit lane coming from Ferrari garage..been few months now.. .. .. ..
I remember reading about that. The thing to remember (and is sometimes omitted in those articles) is that each team works with their own partners to create a specific blend of gas that will maximize power from their engine.

Normally each engine supplier would recommend what gas blend is optimized for their engine to make the most power but teams don't always have the same sponsor agreements to allow them to do that. Back when RedBull was running Renault engines, they were using their own gas blend instead of what Renault recommended due to having different gas/oil sponsors. RedBull would complain about the lack of power and Renault would point the finger to them not using the right blend (among other excuses for not being up to par with the Ferrari and Mercedes engines).