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Originally Posted by en1gma View Post
Just got the message on my idrive...

I'm in the UK, with a 530i that is about 14 months old with just under 8,000 miles on the clock.

I'll take it to the dealer tomorrow and will then update.
Well, my local dealer was having none of it: they would only make a future booking (for some point in late January!) and were unable to deal with any 'walk-in' queries...

Made me buy some coolant and sent me on my way... I'll deal with them another time as I don't have the one right now (I am going away tomorrow for the Christmas period)...

Anyway, on opening the tanks in daylight, both were well below minimum! About 1.2litres added overall (had to mix 1:1 with water).

Curious how after the initial warning in idrive, although the engine coolant light was lit orange, there were no check control messages.
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