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Originally Posted by Zap-xpilot View Post
You are correct in general, especially so if talking about atmospheric engines..
With the turbo engines and the complicated two loop cooling plumbing they have Iím not so sure. Far from being an expert I understand that there is some sort of evaporative cooling going on in the inter cooler..if that is so this might explain (somehow) that minuscule amounts of vapor escape.
Also, if Iím not mistaken the 540 in particular uses the inter cooler as part of its AC loop, isnít this correct?

Perhaps somebody more knowledgeable can chime in. Fact is that a lot of the b58 engines are known to consume coolant, with none of the typical symptoms of coolant entering the combustion loop (white smoke and the like).
Still worrying though. Iím monitoring my coolant level and it is sinking, albeit very slowly.

Will try and take a picture one month from when the coolant was refilled.

It would also be helpful if the other members who have had coolant issues and topped up can report on subsequent coolant levels..
Good point. My experience in these matters is largely related to naturally aspirated engines. There may be other ways to lose coolant with a turbocharged or supercharged engine. --Bob
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