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i've never cj before, is it a solid addition to compound lifts? i've always wanted to try. How does it differ from squats, deads and overhead press - from your experience? in terms of muscle groups worked etc?
It's more of an explosive movement. Squats, deads, and overhead presses are controlled lifts for the most part. With clean and jerks you use more momentum. I'd start with working on wrist flexibility - you can do this with front squats, elbows up. This will help with proper form on the cleans. It is morely power training, this is why you see it often on regimens of sport teams as well as highschool/college athletics. Helps further fast twitch muscle fibers and things of that nature.
Funny you should say that and i'm
glad you did... the last (and only) time i did front squats i thought "these seem like a good primer for doing c&j's."
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Sounds pizzagatey.
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