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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Got it. It doesn't seem like 3 lb. is significant enough to the cause a noticeably high body fat measurement so its probably worth getting a reading from another source.

Group workouts are certainly important. You'll work harder because of the competitive atmosphere and you'll also have more accountability. I would say 90% of my training is done in a group setting.

To clarify my earlier point though, I am talking about competitive sports of some type. The reason why I like this strategy is because it allows you to pursue goals that are performance based rather than body-image based. In other words, you can focus on achieving a specific result in competition rather than pursuing a physique comprised of specific muscle or fat measurements, or that has some specific aesthetic. The former, in my opinion, is a healthier metric to use when pushing yourself to continuously improve without knowing your ceiling in advance. I really stress that last part. You probably don't know your true physical limitations, so it's important to find a way to test them without setting yourself up for disappointment.

I'm not saying you shouldn't track body makeup numbers, you certainly can because those are also very motivating. But, by putting the focus on performance, you eliminate arbitrary goals that might not necessarily be realistic or healthy. So for example, if you like spin, buy a bike and start training for some type of cycling race. Or if you like to run, set out to run a 5K, and go from there. Or maybe you like CrossFit, so you could work toward competing in that. Or adventure racing. Or kayaking. Anything. Of course you want to choose something that you like and that you think you will excel at. If you do this, and if you set goals to reach in competition whether it be competing against your own prior performance, trying to beat a friend or workout partner, or achieving podium finishes in your age/gender group (or maybe even overall), you will, by the very nature of competition, force your body to adapt and grow. And it will take on a highly fit, highly optimized form that you likely would not otherwise be able to achieve.
I am wanting to get back into riding and jumping competitively. I haven't shown in 3 years, but maybe I need to bite the bullet and lease a show horse as mine are all pasture puffs. I really excel in a group setting. I can't let others outshine me in the ring and it's something I love doing. Just a little expensive.

I'm definitely not a runner, though I wish I could be. I get bored easily and running doesn't excite me. I have a girlfriend here in DC that runs 10 miles a day. She's insane. I definitely cannot keep up with her. After 3 miles, I tap out. Maybe if I was running from a puma, that would get my heart rate up lol.