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Hi all,

I have now an issue that I want to solve myself if possible, with your help.

I've had this 2018 BMW 530e iPerformance since Nov 2017 and loving it. I had been using the VGate WiFi adapter and the BimmerCode app to change a few settings here and there. About a month ago I went in again, to change a couple of more settings and right after that, noticed that the car won't charge anymore, gave me a Charging Error message on my BMW app, I have a Juicebox L2 Charger box at home. Tried a few other chargers (110v) and my charging facility (ChargePoint) at work, everything gave the same error.

Took it to the dealer, they kept it for a few days, reset all codes and it's back to normal again. I assumed something I did on BimmerCode that may have upset something.

A month later, last night, I wanted to code a couple of things which I had done when I first leased the car. I thought it was ok to do that so I went in again, just changed the starting animation to M type, changed the warning sounds to bmw i type, that's all!! And got the same charging error!!!

I hate it that I may have to go to the dealer once again. Can anyone please help!!!!

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