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Originally Posted by roxxor View Post
No, I didn't actually copy the changes, I just changed my VO to the ECE version of the car and coded the FLM, BDC, and Kafas to the ECE version (which is also how I got the rear fog lights working). Thus, why I think it might be hardware-related, but without actually seeing the coding or talking with someone who had it done the almaretto way, I can't say for sure.
Hmm...that settles the curiosity I had w.r.t coding ECE KAFAS4 and BDC_BODY2 to ECE. If you coded KAFAS4, BDC_BODY2 and both FLMs to ECE spec, then I cannot see why the proper shadow boxing for NGHB wouldn't work. Doing the above basically mimics an ECE car. Either, 1.) physical HW is missing b/t ECE and US headlights to create the proper shadow boxing or 2.) there may be other modules that need to be coded?

I did find this YouTube video where someone coded HU_NBT2 along with KAFAS4 and BDC_BODY2. Wonder if HU_NBT2 requires coding to ECE too?