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Originally Posted by Frozen Fractals View Post
Hmm...that settles the curiosity I had w.r.t coding ECE KAFAS4 and BDC_BODY2 to ECE. If you coded KAFAS4, BDC_BODY2 and both FLMs to ECE spec, then I cannot see why the proper shadow boxing for NGHB wouldn't work. Doing the above basically mimics an ECE car. Either, 1.) physical HW is missing b/t ECE and US headlights to create the proper shadow boxing or 2.) there may be other modules that need to be coded?

I did find this YouTube video where someone coded HU_NBT2 along with KAFAS4 and BDC_BODY2. Wonder if HU_NBT2 requires coding to ECE too?
I definitely recommend not doing that!!! When I did it with my X3, I ended up having to pay to get navigation and such working again because changing the headunit to ECE messed up my FSC files and caused several other issues. That and the ACSM are the two I did not code to ECE, but the rest of the car didnít have any issues.

In that video, they are doing the removal of 5AP, but arenít changing the country code. The change that makes in the headunit is that the owners manual and animated video will show the NGHB video/info, instead of the basic on/off functionality. Although, I notice they didnít code the FLM modules...

I believe like you said that there is very likely a hardware difference. Almarettos coding with the changes he makes might overcome some of those differences that simple VO coding doesnít correct, but without an actual comparison, thereís no way to know for sure. Thereís always the option of getting a pair of used euro lights, which can be had for around $1800, but if I was going to spend that much, Iíd wait for a pair of the euro M550i laserlights that we donít get in the US