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Originally Posted by colbertnation View Post
Thank you for that detailed reply!

So for now, do you think it's safe to assume that if you build from factory the first batch (Nov 2016 or Dec 2016 for delivery February 2017), it'll be red rear turn lights?

I really want the orange rear turn lights.
That's the million dollar question. The NCAP 5* addition will begin with MY2018 but manufacturers could begin implementing before or after passage of the resolution. The color itself poses no issue at this minute. The antique minimum output surface area is; nothing more nothing less. So the questions are:

As a manufacturer, spend over $10million additional in development costs for something different to cover 11 months at which point it would be changed?

Spend the same amount in addition to cover the next indeterminate period but recover the costs in the first 18mos?

I personally wouldn't order now solely due to the availability of many things After the demo pool has been fulfilled. And order everything possible you'll want within the budget. Some big red flags today regarding personal customization with certain SYStems.
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