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This behaviour can be really problematic. I suspect the cops would like to fill the gentleman in. And looking at the cop wearing the glasses I suspect the fight would be over really quick. However is it worth the fall out. I can't speak to NY or the US laws, here in Canada there are a few things that could be done, but again you wouldn't likely get the support of the Crown Attorney (prosecutor). Throwing a bucket of water on a cop is assault, we also have a procedural arrest called Breach of the Peace, a police officer can arrest someone who he/she believes is about to Breach the Peace. The arrest is meant to defuse situations but doesn't have the potential to back fire, I think I arrested for Breach maybe twice in 31 years. There is also an offence in Canada called Cause Disturbance, swearing in public, fighting, yelling, screaming, shouting etc. It is rarely used anymore, case law says the police can no longer be disturbed, but this guy might be a possible client for Cause. You'd just need some little old lady on the subway to complain about the gentleman's language. I feel bad for the cops frankly.

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