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Originally Posted by PoorLurker View Post
Wow that's probably free labor as he built it. Still $85k in appliances, materials, and fixtures isn't too bad.

Buying new seems to be meh - builder spec houses are very unappealing in design. I keep scoping houses for sale in the new divisions around me and from $1mm-2.5mm the design is pretty blah. Pretty shocking to see people buying and living in $2mm houses that look like they bought their fixtures from Home Depot and their tile from the sale bin.

My advice is to always buy the cheapest house in the nicest area you can afford. Live in squalor for a while and establish comfort with your new expense. Then, start to plan a remodel that is exactly what you want. Then, live in a house that is exactly as you want.

(I didn't buy the cheapest house in the nicest area - and sometimes wish I had... but the area I Want to live in is too pricey even for a 1,300 sq foot house haha)
I dont wanna live in a shithole plus I have a kid