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Originally Posted by pemz View Post
It is impossible to code 183Kw to 195Kw. There is a reason why you have bought 183Kw: less taxes, because of less CO2 emissions . If you are to increase the power, the emssions can increase as well. Meaning you will have to pay more taxes. Another thing is the case of warranty from BMW. You might lose warranty.

To code other things like windows, seat belts etc. is one thing, but to change engine ECU, mapping etc. requires a professional.

In Italy the motor 183 Kw is only for tax...not for emissions.
I'm a tuner and i have the DimSport Professional kit but the new Bosch cannot remapped for now.
I have a RapidTDM module by Dimsport but if i can have 15cv more by the original ecu is better.

I have read in some post that this mod is possible (the same power reduction was present in some other bmw model) but i don't know the right step.