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iDrive issues and Carplay

a few points - does anyone else experience these issues?

Changed to use/select presets for radio/Sirius stations. Works fine. Turn car off, back on, radio is set to band (FM, AM, Sirius) vs preset list.

When changing driver profiles via menu option, sometimes lose some presets, not all (inconsistent problem).

When using Carplay - display google maps, apple maps or Waze - NOT full screen, somehow even if screen is not split, shows screen split control. How do I get my iphone maps full screen?

When using Carplay, any maps, no ability to zoom in-out via touch screen finger motion, must select +/- control icon and iDrive wheel. Dangerous as it forces you to look at screen.

When using Carplay, can't use idrive voice command to dial a contact, must use Siri, even though contacts loaded into car system. Carplay overrides.