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M Sport Brakes and 18" 619 rims

Hello friends,

I have a G30, 530i Xdrive with M Sport package.
My current rims are 19", 664M model (different sizes tiers front 245/rear 275)

Now I found some winter packs (18" rims + tiers) at BMW representative nearby but on their OEM online shop says that won't fit M Performance brakes.

The proposed rim model is 18", 619.
I am puzzled a bit, M Performance brake is not the same as M Sport ?!

More confusion, if I re run the original car configurator that I used to buy the car, the selected M Sport package will forbid any other rim than 662M (18"), 664M (ones that I have 19") and the 20" versions.

So the big question is will fit 619 rims on my baby?
How can I figure out what brakes do I have other than they are blue?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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