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Originally Posted by Lewiscordo View Post
Perhaps the companies should you should consider adding the docking dock to the dash, dispatch each auto through an apple company ipad LITTLE, and target creating a maker unique iphone app in order to monitor/display which is unique towards the auto. Allow apple and builders carry out the sound and nav for the children. We've got currently transfered towards the 'ipad jammed around the dash' cosmetic, should make it an truth.
+1, this is EXACTLY what I suggested.

The car manufactures at some point are going to have to concede to the fact that electronics companies do things like ICE and NAV better than they do and do exactly what you're suggesting.

My best friend just got done integrating an iPad MINI into the console of his 997. Installation is flush, looks and functions perfectly. He has hands free communication, spotify, NAV, you name it.

I love BMW, but they think they do electronics a lot better than they actually do them.

You know that outboard BMW branded NAV unit that the dealer sells? It's a Garmin Nuvi with 'BMW ' imprinted at the top. Do the same thing with an iPad.