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Looks vs Comfort: The M light-alloy wheels double spoke 225 M

I salute all the beemer lovers.

im a fresh fish in your world, and after 2 VWs and a Mazda i decided to get my first BMW. Its gonna be a used BMW E92 Coupe , 08 REG (UK) and i have a critical question to make that only you guys can answer:

i live in Cyprus , where the roads are not as flat as they should be...yep...they are bumpy as hell sometimes... and now i need to make a choice between the 19" light alloy 225M, and the standard 18" tyre which comes with the coupe.

Now everybody knows that the smaller the tyre profile, the bumpier the ride....but is it really the case with this bmw? when bmw designs the car and gives us the option of 19" alloys, does this mean that they somehow guarantee you that the car is going to be as comfortable as the one with 18" alloys? after all you pay an extra 1200 GBP to put them on....but for what? good looks and a spine problem? also i dont want my alloys to be damaged..

please advice, i need to decide and your opinion matters the most.


ps: apologies if this has been discussed in another topic. if so please direct me to it.