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Originally Posted by ejlover06 View Post
Because G30 has a remote parking function which starts the engine with display key + remote ventilation settings has a remote start check box + FA/PA editor of CAFD Tools shows 1CR as an option + There is a FSC code related with remote start... Enough reasons to think G30 has a remote start function

There is also this:
RCM_ENABLE_REMOTE_ENGINESTART nicht_aktiv [00] Kommentar=Remote enginestart via IDG (via 3times lock-button-press within 2sec) enabled. ~~ Aktivierung Motorfernstart möglich (über 3fach-Druck VR-Taste innerhalb 2sec). - ONLY FOR BDC2018
Not enough reasons to think there is a remote start function and certainly not enough justification to start coding your car with a feature that is potentially not available, but your choice.

Are there any G30's in production that have remote start available - can you order 1CR?

For other models such as G05, you can reference 1CR in the model brochure, that is the starting point.

The FSC is only referenced for G05 not G30, and Remote Control Parking is 5DV which I'm not sure is even available anymore.

RCM_* is not enabled on the G30.
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