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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Wifey gets her second Moderna on Wednesday. Hoping for no reaction. Seems to be fairly random on who has a noticeable reaction and who doesn't. I know folks who get sick if a fly sneezes near them. Yet they sailed through both shots with nary a hiccup. I am rarely ill, yet it hammered me for a day. Go figure.
Because it's not making you ill, your immune system is reacting to the vaccine. If you are rarely ill, it's because your immune system is strong. If your immune system is strong, your body is going to react strong to combat a perceived threat which causes the fever, the achiness, the fatigue, etc.

The evidence that's been shared with me by my colleagues is that those who've had the virus tend to have a more severe reaction to the vaccine because your body is quick to fight off what it's seen before and the first shot tends to have more of an impact. Those that haven't had the virus more often get it worse with the second shot because their body isn't yet primed for a response. The second shot is needed to provide the exposure to prompt a strong response since it's learned from the first one by that time.
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