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Details matter and the details are not analogous between the two. Basically Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about an affair he had with an extremely, comparatively, young subordinate. Trump was never disposed, because he's a pathological liar, and it appears that his written statements provide a lot of wiggle room.

People forget that Trump et al. really didn't expect to win the campaign and their actions support it. They were oblivious to what was going on and amateurish.

BTW, exonerated. like collusion, is not a legal term used by prosecutors. It's fluff.

It was clear that members around Trump would not decline the receipt of information on Hillary. That's different from soliciting and coordinating with others to obtain information.
Lewinsky-Sorry-the young lady was between 22 and 25 years of age and knew what the heck she was doing. The whole prosecution was puritanical and ridiculous in comparison to what we have learned from the Mueller report where the sanctity of our election system is under attack by a sworn foreign adversary.

Our current situation is a much, much more serious threat to our nation than Bill Clinton's affairs of the heart.
And so what? Again, Clinton was impeached for lying. That gave the GOP a legal justification for impeachment. Clinton should've told the truth but hubris got in the way. At the moment the Dems can only go after Trump's lack of character.

Why are you tying election interference, not the first time the US has been interfered with, as a reason to impeach Trump?
Trump directed others to lie and lied himself. How is that different?