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So, call me confused... Today there was a older gent in a 2010 or 11 ZR1 Vette and I was behind him and we turned a corner and i saw him get on it, spun his tires a tad, and so I just mash the pedal ( happened to be in sport plus) and car kicked down to 2nd at 25mph and he saw me joining the fun and he stayed on it going thru a few gears as I walked past him. I literally was thinking to myself how is this happening from a roll and how is he not running away from me? luckily we were out west where there are no cars period, so we went for a bit and he stayed a couple cars back as I listened to his car screaming behind me, it was loud. He flashed his headlights at me and we slowed to a stop and went from a stop. I OF COURSE used LC and let off the brake when I saw his wheel gap increase in his front tires, I expected to sure beat him to 25 or 30 mph, but expected to get crushed from at least 50mph up. But it didnt happen, I put 3 or 4 cars on him and it didnt seem like he was closing in when I let off. I know this doesnt make sense, and the ZR1 i would assume needed a driver mod, I was just completely taken by major surprise that A) I walked him from a roll B) he never reeled me back in? Sure its a manual car, but it has 630 or so HP and is what 1000lbs lighter and I did not expect to keep pace after the 40-50 mark. Just surprised and figured I would share.
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