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Hey Greeney, Iíve gone through weight loss. Iím down 40 lbs off my peak wt and now I race spartan races and look the best Iíve ever looked in my entire life.
My advice:

Track weight in an app everyday. So you can see progress in a graph. (This helped me stay focussed and motivated)

Track all caloric intake in an app. Learn about serving sizes. Whatís on the label is not the amount a normal active man would eat! I was surprised by this when I started to measure things out.

Drop all sugar added stuff including milk and breads. Drink lots of water.

Stay active, sounds like you have a gym routine thatís working so thatís great, be consistent with it. 3 times a week is great. Try and add walking at lunch or evening with dog to increase calories out.

My magic number for calories is 2300. More than that I gain weight, less than that I lose weight. But thatís at my current weekly activity level. Everybody is different.